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Agri-food markets specialists

Our mission

Our clients are companies belonging to different levels of the value chain.
Accordingly, we advise them on how to find their bearings and operate wisely in the Spanish and international grain and oilseed markets.

AESTIVUM collaborates with Spanish and international associations carrying out presentations, conferences and trainings about the functioning of the grains and oilseeds markets, risk management, hedging tools…

Our concern for research and extensive experience allow us to publish in specialized Spanish journals and magazines, as well as to regularly participate in national and international events of the agri-food business.


AESTIVUM will help you know the details of your local market by analyzing your area and its connection with the global context.

Efficient risk

To minimize the impact of market fluctuations, we offer hedging tools (futures and options), which will allow you to ensure your margins.

your profits

AESTIVUM offers services in advising, training, market analysis, and project development that bring reliability, profitability, and competitiveness to its clients.

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