We help you to operate
profitably and safely in the
grain and oilseed markets.

We help you
to operate
profitably and safely
in the grain
and oilseed markets.

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01 / Who we are


Our mission is to help agri-food companies to operate profitably and safely in the grain and oilseed markets.

AESTIVUM was started by Mercedes Ruiz and is based in Barcelona. We offer customized advice, risk management training, efficient purchasing and salesmanagement, and value chain optimization.

We are an independent agri-food consultancy working for well-known companies in the sector, trusted by sowing seed companies, cooperatives, dealers, feed compounders, flour millers, and meat integrators.

We have in-depth knowledge of the following local and international markets:

Feed wheat, milling wheat, durum, spelt, barley, corn, sorghum, rye, and oats.

Seeds, oils and meals from sunflower, soya, and rapeseed.

We also work with organic grains and oilseeds.


Market guidance
AESTIVUM will help you know the details of your local market by analyzing your area and its connection with the global context.

Optimize your supply chain
In order to maximize your profits, we identify the most adequate origins and products for each scenario.

Efficient risk management
To minimize the impact of market fluctuations, we offer hedging tools (futures and options), which will allow you to ensure your margins.

Increase your profits
AESTIVUM offers its clients reliability, competitiveness and profitability through its services in advising, training, market analysis, and project development.

Market guidance
AESTIVUM will help you know the details of your local market by analyzing your area and its connection with the global context.

Optimize your supply chain
In order to maximize your profits, we identify the most adequate origins and products for each scenario.

Efficient risk management
To minimize the impact of market fluctuations, we offer hedging tools (futures and options), which will allow you to ensure your margins.

Increase your profits
AESTIVUM offers its clients reliability, competitiveness and profitability through its services in advising, training, market analysis, and project development.


In AESTIVUM we share the following values:

  • Integrity and commitment: we are committed to recommending only what we consider profitable for our clients, regardless of commercial interests.
  • Experience: we have been working and growing in the agri-food sector for more than 15 years.
  • Adaptability: tailored service for each client.
  • Absolute confidentiality of the discussed subjects.
  • Concern and awareness: of our work’s impact on society and the environment. We foster the sustainable and socially responsible growth of companies.

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02 / Consultancy

Sowing leadership, sowing learning, sowing trust.

During the last few years, globalization has brought grain and oilseed markets to a complex and interconnected environment. Therefore, more skilled professionals are required in the sales and purchasing departments of the agri-food industry.

In order to increase the competitiveness of these professional teams, we offer customized advice on risk management, sales and/or purchasing efficiency and value-chain optimization.

Furthermore, we provide hedging tools (futures and options) such as “price insurances”, minimizing the impact of market fluctuations and guaranteeing the margins and profitability of our clients.

In our advisory services, we rely on the best national and international contributors:information sources, market analysts, and hedging tools providers.
This, together with our in-depth knowledge of the Spanish and European markets, enables us to offer a complete service for the national and international agri-food industry.


How AESTIVUM clients benefit:

  • Agile market operations and better risk quantification for purchase and/or sale operations.
  • Guaranteed margins, through “price insurances” and hedging tools (futures and options).
  • Optimized supply chain..
  • Better understanding of the global and local market connections through direct access to global market information and customized reports in the client’s area of interest.
  • Competitive operations through the collaboration of acknowledged professionals in the sector.

AESTIVUM offers its dedication and resources equally to both big and small clients, leading them to their proposed position. Because every client’s needs differ, we customize our services for each situation. And of course, we guarantee complete confidentiality and discretion in all our operations.


Advice to a meat integrator to improve margins

Client problem

The compound-feed purchasing department of a meat integrator is concerned about its margins: the team has always followed the same purchasing strategy for grains, protein meals, vegetable oils, and animal fats. But lately, it is not functioning. Agricultural commodities prices are increasingly volatile and more difficult to manage. How can the meat integrator increase its margins again?

AESTIVUM solution

1. Together with the purchasing department, we analyze the current supply system – quantities, purchasing time, pricing method, raw materials origin, raw materials price, risk management – to determine the reasons for the fall in margins.

2. We propose solutions to solve the fall in margins, and we offer the team the necessary tools to manage commodities prices and to better quantify their risk.

3. We design a new purchasing strategy that enables the department to control the international and local markets, offering them the possibility to use “price insurances” (futures and options).

4. While the new strategy is being implemented, we evaluate the results to improve and modify actions if necessary.

5. Once the department is working efficiently and cost-effectively, we present the results of the new system along with options to keep partnering the team.


  • The purchasing department of the meat integrator understands the reasons for the fall in margins.
  • The purchasing team adopts a new and highly competitive strategy, with consistent margin increases.
  • The team has the necessary tools and assistance to proceed with a continuous improvement process, adapting with agility to changes in the market.

Advice to a farmers’ cooperative to protect their prices

Client problem

A farmers’ cooperative from the northwest of Spain is going through its second year of poor wheat and barley harvests. They envision that prices for both cereal types will be determined by the imports market this year, and they need to guarantee their selling prices somehow. They want to understand how their local market is related to the international one, and they want to have the necessary tools to be safe in determining the selling price of their cereals. How can they protect their prices?

AESTIVUM solution

1. We analyze the situation of the cooperative, evaluating the cereal prices in its area and how they are affected by the imports market.

2. Together with the cooperative, we discuss the best way to manage the selling risk for barley and wheat.

3. We design a customized plan, explaining how their local market is connected with the international market for wheat and barley.

4. According to the plan, we show how to calculate prices and other basic concepts. We also explain how to operate in the futures and options market in order to guarantee selling prices.

5. We accompany the cooperative in their risk management and closely follow their progress so that eventually they can become autonomous and take full advantage of their market opportunities.


  • The cooperative deals with imports and takes full advantage of its sales.
  • The cooperative is better able to quantify and manage its risks.
  • The cooperative is capable of securing its prices and operates with confidence in international cereal markets, having learned how they function.

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03 / Projects

At AESTIVUM we carry out studies of specific situations and we develop time- and budget-limited projects, related to the grain and oilseed markets.

In order to accompany each client towards achieving their own objectives, we count on recognized professionals in the sector, which allows us to offer a broader perspective of the market, and to analyze how each local situation fits the global context.

Some examples of the projects we develop:

  • Study of the relation of prices in specific interest areas in Spain, with the futures markets.
  • Definition of risk management strategy (through “price insurances”) customized for the buyer or the seller of grains, meals or oils.
  • Value chain optimization through the identification of the most competitive origin for each raw material at each moment of the client’s operation. We analyze how to minimize the costs while adhering to food safety requirements.
  • Implementation of best practices for buying and/or selling to improve a department’s operations.
  • Exploration and operation in new markets.
  • Study of special products’ markets, such as organic raw materials, spelt...

At AESTIVUM we have access to the best sources of information and databases, we have specialized knowledge for the development of the aforementioned projects, as well as extensive experience in risk management. As we do in all our services, we work with the strictest confidentiality.


Introduction of an international broker to the Spanish market

Client problem

A broker of agricultural commodities in Ukraine is interested in operating in the Spanish market. The trader wants to connect his cereals, oilseeds and legumes origination potential with the Spanish market, but he does not know how it works. How to inform himself to enter the market competitively?

AESTIVUM solution

1. We study the objectives of the client regarding Spanish market entry, as well as their commercialization potential for agricultural raw materials and products (cereals, cereal flours, oilseeds, oils and meals, legumes, etc.)...

2. We explain to the broker the current Spanish market and its future prospects. We disclose the main geographical areas for human-consumption products (flours, starches, cereals, etc.) and for animal feed (cereals, protein meals, oils, animal fats, etc.).

3. We design a personalized introduction plan in the Spanish market, according to the client’s priorities.

4. We follow the execution of the plan so that the client knows where he is at each moment, in order to improve his performance and competitiveness as the project develops.


  • The broker knows how the Spanish market works and feels comfortable and competitive operating in it, even when market conditions evolve.
  • The broker expands his selling possibilities: now he can participate in the Spanish market, which is deficient in grains and oilseeds.

Introduction of a flour milling company to the organic sector

Client problem

A flour milling company is interested in the production of organic flours as a growing sector. For the last few years, its main customers have indicated changes in the market, which now demands organic products in addition to conventional flours. How can the flour milling company know the organic products market and benefit from it?

AESTIVUM solution

1. We study the context of the flour mill (its location, its capacity…) and we share with the client our analysis of the business potential most suited to his context.

2. Together with the client, we choose the most competitive and satisfactory way to enter the ecological sector, and we create a tailored growth plan.

3. We present the plan to the team and accompany them in the implementation of the new buying strategy; we provide access to organic product brokers, price references, risk management options...

4. We evaluate the results of the project, and we propose an advisory plan for the purchasing team in case they want to accomplish new challenges in the organic flour business, adapting to the ever-changing market.


  • The flour mill operates with safety and competitiveness in the organic product market.
  • Their sales grow and their margins improve in a sector that is in full growth.
  • The customers of the flour mill are more satisfied thanks to the new supply of organic flours.

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Market Reports

04 / Market Reports

AESTIVUM elaborates periodic and customized reports according to the markets and areas of interest of each client, in English and Spanish, to facilitate the monitoring of the global and local markets of grains and oilseeds.

We strive to offer contents in a visual and intuitive format, offering valuable information that helps our clients to take better market decisions, such as:

Harvest and weather analysis in the main areas of production.

Price information of different cash and futures markets.

Monitoring of commodities imports and exports.

Supply and demand analysis.

AESTIVUM always works to offer reliable and updated information. Therefore, we collaborate with the most qualified market analysts at the global level, and we use highly acknowledged information sources for each case.

Moreover, we have extensive experience and a concern for research that allow us to publish in specialized Spanish journals and magazines, as well as to regularly participate in conferences and national and international events of the agri-food business.


Market reports for a feed compounder

Client problem

The person responsible for the purchasing department of a feed compounder receives daily about five different raw material market reports. Work leaves him little time to follow the market and all the reports, which are too long, not very visual and repetitive. How can he obtain easy-to-read, dynamic and useful market information for his decision-making process, also accessible on his mobile phone?


1. We elaborate a customized information plan, which shows only the market data relevant to the purchasing team, according to its geographical area and its buying needs.

2. We share the reports periodically with the purchasing team, selecting the most relevant information and the key moments of the market. We present it in a visual and intuitive format, facilitating the decision making process.

3. We share the reports periodically with the purchasing team, selecting the most relevant information and the key moments of the market. We present it in a visual and intuitive format, facilitating the decision making process.

4. In order to offer the most updated and effective information for the client, we constantly adjust our reports according to market evolution.


  • With the customized, visual and easily-readable reports, the purchasing manager and the team have a clear view of the market, reducing the time needed to stay informed.
  • At key moments the purchasing team counts on the most updated information, with the agility and the simplicity that benefits them the most.

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05 / Training

In recent years AESTIVUM has executed tailored training for purchase and/or sales teams of various companies in the agrifood sector, enhancing their competitiveness in an increasingly complex market.

Given the excellent results and with the goal of continuously helping companies in a more attentive manner, we are promoting a training service in commodities markets, for the improvement of purchasing and/or sales departments.

In addition to the training provided to the teams of these departments and the implementation of good practices, we accompany the teams in the autonomous achievement of their objectives, monitoring their progress, until they can work effectively and competitively by themselves.

Unlike other consultants in the sector, AESTIVUM is characterized by extensive direct experience in market operations: we know first-hand the challenges and costs involved in purchasing, selling, transporting and importing goods. Therefore, we are able to provide highly valuable knowledge, even resolving difficulties that arise in daily practice.


  • We adapt training and/or mentoring to the client’s local environment and availability, with flexibility ein planning, communication, and displacement.
  • We facilitate procedures so that the training is eligible for grants through credits from FUNDAE.
  • For specific courses, we work with recognized national and international experts, with great reputations as trainers, to offer high-quality learning..

AESTIVUM collaborates with Spanish and international associations realizing presentations, conferences and seminars about the functioning of the grains and oilseeds markets, risk management, hedging tools...


Training for a commercial team of grains and protein meals

Client problem

The director of a family business of import and commercialization of grains and protein meals hires a new salesperson for the meals department. The new employee is experienced, but he comes from another sector and he needs to learn how to operate in the meals market competitively. How can he acquire rapidly the necessary knowledge to be effective? Moreover, the director wants to fine tune the rest of the commercial team to improve the risk management of the purchases. Where can he find a customized training program?

AESTIVUM solution

1. We observe how purchases and sales of protein meals are performed by the team.

2. We prepare two customized training plans, adapted to the department: one plan for the new salesperson and another, more complex, focused on risk management for the whole team.

3. We implement both plans according to the availability of the team.

4. After the training, we temporarily accompany the commercial team, so that they can be confident using what they have learned about risk management in their daily operations.


  • The new salesperson works safely and efficiently, provided with all the necessary tools to aid in the company’s competitive operations.
  • The commercial team acquires control over risk management and can confidently guarantee its margins.

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03 / Sustainable Markets

AESTIVUM believes that companies have an important role in our society and we foster the development of sustainable business model development.

We take part in the growth of companies that aim at increasing their profitability in a manner that respects the community and the environment.

How do we help you?

  • We assess the purchase and/or sale of organic, traditional and proximity raw materials, which represent a market that favors environmental sustainability and has a high growth potential.
  • We design supply chains to operate in the sustainable markets.
  • We measure the social impact through sustainable management indicators such as the triple bottom line, which expands financial accounting to three dimensions: social, environmental and economic, also known as the 3 “P”, for People-Planet-Profit.
people people
planet planet
profit profit

AESTIVUM realizes Corporate Social Responsibility plans for companies in the agrifood sector that are aware of, and concerned about, social welfare.


Introduction of an industrial baker in the proximity products market

Client problem

A company that produces frozen bread conducts a market study of bread in Spain. The conclusion is that the demand for proximity products has been increasing. The management team likes the idea because it favors environmental sustainability, supports local development and fosters the economic growth of the company. Therefore, they decide to enter the proximity products market in 6 months. How can the flours purchasing team obtain its raw materials from nearby producers in 6 months?

AESTIVUM solution

1. We study the Spanish flour market in depth, its evolution during recent years and its potential future scenarios (growth potential, seasonalities, prices, etc.)

2. We define the new role of the breadmaker in the proximity bread sector for the short, medium and long-term. We draw up a provisioning strategy so that they can start working in 6 months.

3. We design a traceability plan so the company can control at any time the origin of the flours and the wheat used, verifying they come from nearby producers.

4. We accompany the team in the startup of the new purchasing plan, ensuring that the goals are accomplished on time.

5. After the established 6 months, we evaluate the progress of the team and we propose improvements to get closer to the “KM 0”.


  • In 6 months, the breadmaker operates through a network of suppliers within proximity, offering a product more respectful to the environment.
  • The breadmaker has a traceability plan that ensures the origin of its purchases, offering its customers products that continuously get closer to the idea of “kilometer zero”.

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07 / Contact

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Telephone: +34 620 878 711

E-mail: info@aestivum.com
Web: www.aestivum.com

We will be delighted to assist you on any advice or questions, as well as receive your feedback and suggestions. Please write your comments here and we will respond shortly.

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