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Agri-food markets specialists


Practical exercises and real cases

Whether you are a dealer, an agent, a buyer for industry, or a salesperson for an agricultural cooperative, at AESTIVUM we always adopt a practical approach, with exercises and real cases.

to the client’s operation

We adapt the training to the operations, areas, and grains of each client. Moreover, we offer flexibility in organization, communication, schedules, and travel.

Direct experience
in market operations

Unlike other consultants in the sector, at AESTIVUM we have operated in the market for many years and we know first-hand the challenges and costs involved in buying, selling, transporting, and importing goods.


Commodities markets: how they work. Grains and oilseeds.

  • Supply and demand: global, European, Spanish and commodity flows
  • Replacement price calculation (port and ex-France)
    • Incoterms
    • Freights
    • Currency
    • Discharge costs
    • Tariffs and European regulations (with special attention to the corn tariff)
    • Ex-store prices from Mercolleida, Lonja de Barcelona and more
    • Practical exercises


Concept of risk: risk management policy.

  • Risk perception
  • Fundamental analysis and technical analysis


Introduction to the futures market.

  • Concept of futures
  • Different futures exchanges
  • Hedging with futures and practical exercises



  • Concept of basis
  • Grain and soy bases
  • Spanish bases
  • Practical exercises


Introduction to the options market.

  • Concept of options
  • Hedging with options and practical exercises

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